8 ideas for outdoor lighting

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8 ideas for outdoor lighting

Everyone wants to relax sometimes, swing in hammocks, create an atmosphere of coziness and romance, have a dinner in the open air. Suitable lighting is exactly what you need in order to create such an atmosphere. By reading this article you will find amazing outdoor lighting ideas.

Ideas for an outdoor lighting

1. Solar lanterns
Solar lanterns are the most popular option for outdoor lighting at the moment. They allow to light area without energy consumption. This is the most suitable variant for those who is trying to cut down expenses.

2. Candles
Lighting fixtures are also very popular in modern back yards and porches. Although, when it comes to the more traditional things, candles in terms of lighting are incomparably better. Fire looks smoother and warmer, as a result these candles create a more welcoming atmosphere.

3. Fairy lights outdoor lighting perspectives
A very romantic lighting . To create a magic atmosphere using a minimum of decoration is more than possible. A little bit of illumination on everything is just enough to dive into festive and fabulous atmosphere. This simple decoration, like common electric fairy lights are the simplest and affordable form of light illumination, which is capable of decorating your home, both inside and outside.

4. Metal candelabra
Candlesticks and luxurious candelabrum are traditional for celebration. You can usually find them in a room, but in the garden they will look very gracefull and romantic. Such lighting will add some charm to your holiday party or even some solemnity.

5. Hanging glass lanterns outdoor lighting fixtures
You can hang colorful lanterns with candles above a dining table. Glass color can be selected to match the main color of your party. Yellow and turquoise glass lanterns look very charming.

outdoor lighting techniques 6. Candle path
It always looks stunning and romantic when a lot of candles are placed along a path, or around some place, such as lawn for dancing or a flower bed. Guests will remain satisfied and will never go astray.

 7. Vintage bottles 
Vintage glass bottles look advantageous with black candles inside. Decorate our porch with such an improvised candleholder. It is a very original and affordable solution for an outdoor party.

 8. Candle lantern 
These are traditional glass lanterns with a candle inside. They are invulnerable to bad weather.It is a very strong point, because it is safe to use them whenever you like. Set several of these lanterns of different sizes and colors next to a wall for lights to play on a surface bizarrely.

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