Beautiful romantic chandeliers for girls’ room

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Beautiful romantic chandeliers for girls’ room


Children’s room designed for a girl should differ from a boy’s room, we all know it. This belongs not only to overall room design, but to certain interior design items which have both a functional and décor value. And such lighting element as girl room lighting chandelier can add the sense of completeness to an overall bedroom design.


Chandeliers for girls’ room

Many girls really like pink color in all its variations, thusly all lighting units, especially chandelier, should harmonize with color pattern of the room and not stand out of the overall room design.

For example, a girls’ bedroom designed in classical style looks very luxurious and modest, where a different color chandelier actually fits into very well.

Classical interior design implies the use of fabric dome lights with strings and chains, as we you can see on the photo below:

teenage girl chandeliers

But let’s not consider pink the only color choice for decorating girls’ room. Any room will look stylish and modern, if lighting unit completes an overall room interior well, if it doesn’t stand out and even eye-catchingly stresses room style. Any 9-13 year old girl, perhaps even older girls will love such room designed in high-tech style.

girl chandeliers

The main difference of lighting units which are used in children’s room, is it’s unordinary design. Along with keeping an overall idea of the room, teenage girl room chandelier can create its own style.

Boys will be delighted by a chandelier in form of a soccer ball or rocket, but an optimal variant for girls can be a bright, colorful lighting unit with stars, butterflies and flowers on it.

Firstly, as we mentioned above, a girls’ room chandelier should keep with and overall room design.

Color scheme, which harmonize with room design, form of the lighting unit, the same materials used. For example, in a high-tech room design a metal lamp fits well. But probably this variant is for a teenager girl. Check the photo below:

chandeliers girl nursery

For a little girl in age of 9-13 it is better to choose interesting unordinary chandelier that fits the overall childish room design well.

Chandelier color has to keep with room interior tone. If most used space is designed in green color, and just few elements are black, that implies chandelier to match the less used color.

Girl room chandelier has not to be enormously big, but at the same moment not too small, if room is large. It has to perform its main function and light the whole room.

In case when one chandelier is not enough, you can use several of them or add other lighting units as – pointed lights, wall lamps and standing lamps. Functionality – one of the main qualities you should always remember when buying lighting units. Especially that relates to units for designed use in children’s room. Your children’s health depends on their functionality.
Independently for whom you buy a chandelier, a boy or a girl, what you always have to notice – is the quality of material used. It has to be ecologically clean, thusly safe for your child.

If your child is very active, consider not buying crystal chandelier – it’s better to buy a chandelier with unbreakable dome. Or there is another variant – design the room with pointed lamps, which can create a fantastic light play.

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