Bedroom lighting: 12 most important questions

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Bedroom lighting: 12 most important questions

Let`s start with the most important question. How bedroom lighting design differs from the lighting you choose for the other house rooms?
It is very easy to answer it: bedroom lighting should not only be convenient, but it has to create mood in which you can relax and rest. You can set the mood with décor lights (color backlights, little standard lamps, illumination behind pictures and plants, ceiling lights etc.). This article provides excellent bedroom lighting tips.

Bedroom lighting solutions

If you consider making the most effective bedroom lighting, try this: write down every action you perform in a bedroom and plan to install a light source for every of it. And then check yourself by answering these 12 questions:  bedroom lighting options

1. Do you have enough light for changing clothes? (around wardrobes or inside them)

2. An ideal makeup is done with natural light. And how good is light in the area where you do a makeup? Do not forget about good lighting at your toilet table, even if it`s located near the window.

3. Many people tend to read in bed. Do you have enough light for reading? Do not forget to place switches for bedside lighting units on both sides of your bed.

4. Does your partner feel comfortable when you read in bed? Bedside scones have to lighten only your side of the bed. bedroom lighting fixtures

5. Do you prefer to go to sleep with soft light on, but not in total darkness? Try installing little standard lamps in Japanese style or simply install backlight illumination.

6. Do you feel discomfort, when you have to turn on bright light on waking up? This also disturbs your partner and is not very healthy for your eyes. Solution is simple – instead of ordinary switch try installing dimmer – it is a light control device.

7. Do you work on a PC in your bedroom? You`ll definitely need a table lamp due to the fact that focused light is better for work, than equally dispersed room lighting.

8. Do you have a special relaxation area with your favorite armchair in a bedroom? You just have to make it cozy by placing scone or standard lamp near it. bedroom lighting ceiling

9. How comfortable are you when you have to get up at night and move around a room? Besides dimmer and night lamp you can install LED lighting at the bottom of bedroom’s wall.

10. How fast can you locate a light switch in a dark room (this is a tip for any room)? Many modern and not expensive switch models are equipped with a special indicator (green or red).

11. How comfortable are you cleaning a bedroom? It is better for your health to turn on not only a droplight, but also a ceiling light (or any source of bright light, e.g. chandelier).

12. Are you comfortable with the size of your bedroom? With use of several lighting techniques you can visually enlarge the available space in your bedroom. For example you can lighten corners with directional light. Or you can make your ceiling look “higher” with use of white ceiling illumination. Also this can be achieved by illuminating bedside wall pocket.

You are well informed now in field of bedroom lighting ideas – check this awesome bedroom lighting designs:

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