Home lighting ideas

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Home lighting ideas

The main principle of creation of good lighting in the residential interior design is to promote the rational use of different types of light. “The best advice can give a professional designer is in layering planning lighting types — ambient, point and work”. The main mistake in self-development room lighting plan – the usage of only one type of light for different practical purposes.

3 lighting ideasChoosing lighting for home – Ambient lighting

Ambient light, sometimes called General lighting; ambient light offers overall illumination, which is a kind of room background light, without regard to functional content. Usually, we turn on, crossing the threshold of the room and extending a hand to the wall switch this light. General lighting can take many forms, according to interior design solution, — inset, or embedded ceiling lamp giving direct light, vertical, wall sconces or outdoor fixtures with lights aimed at the walls, chandeliers, spotlights and other lamps so that the light reflected from the ceiling and walls.

Home lighting – work lights4 most popular Home lighting ideas

Task lighting: working light is dedicated to a particular area of the room to perform specific tasks. First of all, the kind of light you need in the kitchen in the immediate area cooking, in the main room in the reading corner, in the Cabinet over the Desk. In the kitchen work lighting is implemented with the help of lamps mounted in the bottom of the wall cabinets, in a residential area this function is performed by a table lamp.

Choosing lighting for home: spot lighting

Spot lights: the so-called illumination intended to draw attention to specific objects and details of the furniture, whether it is artwork, ornamental plants or bookcases. Lower lighting is used on the street, on the local area for effective positioning of beautiful trees, fountains, small architectural forms objects. For this type of lighting is characterized by the use of hidden lamps or sources with variable direction of light that give the opportunity to direct the beam very precisely, allocating even a small object or a fragment thereof.

1 Home lighting ideasHome lighting plan

When developing a lighting plan of the room first addressed the issue of the location and intensity of indirect lighting, then start light and only last about a spot light, that is the planning is done from General to specific, not Vice versa. At the same time, in premises with a clearly defined functionality, for example, in the home office, the designer has the right to start developing a lighting scheme with a working light, and in the hallways or the lobby – if they originally are designed as exhibition areas – can be put at the forefront of a spotlight, and only then to design a General light. Anyway, for the correct placement of light sources necessarily need to know exactly how to use one or another location.

The most popular lighting ideas for home

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