How to properly choose a chandelier for living room

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How to properly choose a chandelier for living room

Living room identifies your whole apartment, so its interior has to be distinguished, and all its details have to correspond with design concept, creating harmonious atmosphere. But impression even of most expensive and beautiful interior can be ruined, when lighting units, which are main ceiling décor elements, are chosen thoughtlessly.

Living room chandeliers

Just before you start running into the store to buy biggest and most expensive chandelier, try objectively estimate your room dimensions. Lighting units should be proportional to a room’s space. You may want to choose a big chandelier for a large living room with high ceilings. Thus a little chandelier installed in the ceiling middle cannot fit even if it is very original and gorgeous.

If your living room is narrow and long, consider option with installing two smaller chandeliers. This is a very effective design solution, given that light flow distribution will be balanced, and in future this allows dividing living room into several functional zones.

Choose a chandelier to match the style of living room

Lighting units should not stand out of overall room interior design. It is not arguable that ultra-modern chandelier in high-tech style will look awful in a living room with english interior style. living room chandeliers modern

Crystal chandelier can complete classical style living room appearance by adding a luxurious tone to a room. Please note that crystal chandelier is expensive, but you won’t ever regret buying it, given that it will not lose its attractive looks even after several decades. living room chandelier height

A living room in country style best fits hanging chandeliers with distressed metal elements, which greatly combine modern sophistication with antiques. living room chandelier lighting

If your living room is in modern style you have to pick chandelier wisely. Lighting units should be a combination of glass and chrome elements and at the same time should correspond with the style – conservative forms and sharp angles.

Lighting unit control systems

In modern world many manufacturers try to create lighting units as much comfortable as possible for the end user, by enhancing lighting units’ control. You can adjust chandelier light flow not only with a remote control but also with a special dimmer. Dimmer can help you in adjusting living room lighting at best level according to situation, more or less bright.

You also can install moving sensors, so when somebody walks into the living room, sensors will detect moving and turn light on automatically. Another option to control lighting is to install voice control unit or just use a simple remote control.

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