How to change ceiling light fixture

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How to change ceiling light fixture

You have done the repair and the old chandelier is by no means suited to Your interior? In this article we will help tip to replace the chandelier with his hands.

You will need:

Be sure to turn off the electricity in the apartment! In a situation where the person gets shocked, nothing pleasant there. To protect yourself you can call for the help of friends, relatives or neighbors.

So here goes:

  1. Turn off the switch.
  2. Climb the ladder and slide protection decorative chandeliers, under which we are required wire.
  3. Remove the duct tape with wires connected (do not remove the chandelier from the hook).You can then remove the chandelier from the hook.
  4. Turn on the electricity to the fence wires to determine the. To each wire neatly to bring a flat screwdriver if the indicator is on, it is a phase wire, if not, zero. Remember the neutral wire.
  5. Modern ceiling lights are usually fitted with two wires, black and white, or one dark the other light. Zero dark wire, so connect them all together. Light wire connected the way you want to combine lights. If chandelier petranova, we typically connect wires in two groups, two and three wires. Bright wire – wound.
  6. Again turn off the circuit breaker and the switch. Connect with zero zero and the phase with a phase. Next, you can attach a chandelier on the ceiling.
  7. Turn on the switch and light.

Replace ceiling light fixture DIY



Replace ceiling light fixture

How to change ceiling light fixtureTo understand how to replace ceiling light fixture and how to attach the chandelier to the ceiling correctly and with minimal cost, you need to know what are the fixtures for the rooms and how different ways to install them.

Omitting the details of the differences decorative chandeliers, we will focus on what is important for the installation process: classification by type of fasteners. On this basis there are two main types of devices:

The heavier models fall into the first category, as only the hook can securely hold the massive structure. The same models that have lower weight, comfortable and are mounted on different types of straps that you can attach to the profiles of the suspended ceiling.

Carefully replace the old mount with the new and install the new lamp. Details installation mounting read in our articles

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