How to hang a chandelier: installation instructions

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How to hang a chandelier: installation instructions

How to hang a ceiling light

First step here is to turn electrical power off. Confirm by turning light switch few times. Next step is to gain access to the electrical box of your fixture. Disconnect old lamp/chandelier/fixture from wires by removing plastic wire connectors. (If you have trouble which exact wires you should disconnect, check the instruction to your lighting unit, it always depends on its type).

Adjust the chain to a desired height according to your room specifications. Hide wires in the chain and connect chandelier’s chain holder. Long nipple should go through the chain holder and into mounting bar or brace. Thread wires through the nipple. Attach brace to the electrical box by screwing it. Connect all the wires according to a diagram. how to install a heavy chandelier

Connect bare ground wire to the green ground wire on a mounting bar, and only then connect grounding wire of your fixture. Chandelier cord is divided into two little wires; one of them is differentiated either by lettering or groove. Connect this identified wire to white wire from a ceiling. Next step is to connect remaining wire on a lamp cord to the black wire. Last but not least, place twist-on connectors on every connection you made. Place wires into the ceiling box and hide the construction by installing round collar back. Power on and test your work.

How to install a chandelier on a vaulted ceiling
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Lighting units are less effective in a home with tall ceilings, either they are flush or mounted close to the ceiling. Chandeliers can provide bright light to the areas below. But in case with vaulted ceilings, please remember that they are sloped. A chandelier on a rod is ideal for installation on vaulted ceilings due to ability to hang it in a proper way.

How to install a chandelier with dimmer switch

To add a dimmer switch to control the light, remove the cover from the wall switch and use the voltage tester to be sure the wires are not hot. Unscrew the old switch and disconnect the wires. Check to make sure the dimmer has enough capacity to handle the light fixture by adding the combined wattage of the bulbs. This should be equal to or less than the rated capacity of the dimmer. Connect the wires to the switch using wire nuts according to the dimmer instructions.

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