How to install chandelier wiring by yourself

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How to install chandelier wiring by yourself

How to wire a light fixture – this is a continuation of my previous article on lighting unit installation. Now it’s time to take a closer look on wiring.

How to wire a ceiling light fixture

In order to wire a hanging light fixture, you just have to hang it on a chain or hook to have free hands while doing so. Or you can always ask somebody to hold it for you.

Both your lighting unit and your home electrical system must have a bare copper grounding wire. Find them and wrap each bare wire to the grounding screw. Make sure that two wires are both connected to each other and wrapped around grounding screw that goes to your junction box. Grounding screw colored green.

Strip the ends of the chandelier’s insulated wires. Not too much, just enough so the bare wire is exposed. lighting wire

Join the neutral wires together. Try finding the lighting unit’s wire with a identifying mark such as groove, ridge or lettering. Connect this identified wire with a white wire coming from your electrical box and secure connection with special cap aka wire connector, or just use electrical tape.

Join the hot wires together. Same steps should be performed here. Black ceiling wire connects to the lighting unit’s wire with no identifying marks. Do not forget about wire connectors.

Attention! This guide presents information on wiring many common lighting units but not all of them. If the number of wires in your junction box or chandelier is different, you’d better call a professional. Safety is more preferable.

That’s it. You`ve done wiring your home lighting unit by yourself. Now it`s time to mount it back and run few tests, to ensure that everything is properly connected.

How to wire chandelier with dimmer lighting wire


Adding a dimmer switch to a room is an easy way to vary the mood and save on your power bill.  For an investment of about $10 and 15 minutes you can put one in yourself.  It’s simple and you won’t need a degree in electrical engineering to get it done. Check my detailed tutorial on how to install and wire a dimmer light switch – here.

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