How to install light fixtures

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How to install light fixtures

Installation and connection wall lamp involves executing the following sequence works:

In some cases, to install a wall lamp may further require the slitting (cutting of internal cavities) walls and installation of the switch.

How to install light fixtures

Installing light fixtures

Hanging hook is the easiest way of light fixtures installation. First you need to make a hole in the ceiling next to the wires coming out of it, with a Replacing light fixtures DIYminimum diameter of 8 mm. To do this, use a hammer drill or a punch. Hook recommended to install using anchor systems.

There are different types of anchors. If the chandelier is small, weighing 1-1.5 kg, you can use a regular hook with a screw thread that is screwed into a plastic tube – dowel. For heavier chandeliers required spacer metal anchor, 50 mm length and a cross section of 10 mm. When using plastic anchors is better to take corrugated, length from 40 mm Smooth dowels badly kept in the plate. After fixing dowels screwed into it hook, or is the spacer anchor. The hook should be isolated with two layers of electrical tape.

How to install light fixtures DIYNext, wire the chandelier to connect with the wires coming from the switch, with the help of special pads on clamping bolt of the terminal. To tighten the bolts you will need a slotted screwdriver with a narrow blade. This strip included with the chandelier. If not, connect the wires on the Quad and wrapped with tape.

Then you need to move the decorative Cup against the ceiling, moving it on the tubular base of the chandelier, and fix. Decorative trim will hide the findings of the wiring and wire connections.

The disadvantage of this type of fastening is that sometimes the height of the decorative Cup is not enough, and between it and the ceiling remains an ugly gap.

Before fixing the decorative cups you need to check the quality of your chandeliers. In any case you cannot fix a hook on the sheets of drywall, because it can not withstand the weight of the chandelier. During installation of the plasterboard ceiling or suspended ceiling, it is necessary to leave a hole for the withdrawal of the hook together with cables.


Replacing light fixtures

Replacing light fixturesThe process of attaching the chandelier with a metallic strap is more complicated to replace a light fixture. In this case, the metal bar takes on the whole load. If in the ceiling left hook from old chandeliers, it should be removed.

Strap is attached to the ceiling in the desired location and pencil mark the point of drilling holes for the dowels. Then in the ceiling, holes are drilled and the anchors are fixed.

Later in the bar mounting bolts are inserted at a distance equal to the distance between the mounting holes on the decorative box chandeliers, and fixed with nuts. Thereafter, strap is placed at ceiling and fastened with screws.

The next stage is better to use alone because it alone will not work. You need to put a decorative box to the bar so that the mounting bolts into the holes on the box, connect the wires of the chandelier and the switch.

Light fixture replacement DIYOne person should hold the chandelier and the other connecting wires, because to do it with one hand impossible. After connecting the chandelier is made, and the strap bolts to the holes of the box, it is fixed to the ceiling and decorative lock nuts. All connecting wiring is hidden under a decorative box.

When installing suspended ceilings you need to prepare the Foundation for mounting the mounting strap at the ceiling. It can be a simple wooden block to the desired height. Plate is fastened to the bar conventional screws.

How to hang a chandelier in drywall: if the ceiling is made of gypsum Board, as the mounting strap using metal dowels, which are able to withstand loads up to 15 kg, or dowel shape “butterfly”.