How to replace light switch with a dimmer by yourself

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How to replace light switch with a dimmer by yourself


Dimmer is a device which allows you to smoothly adjust the voltage at the load. It is mainly used to regulate the voltage (brightness) to the incandescent and halogen lamps. Personally, I already had to deal with dimmers for fluorescent lamps, are already on sale.

Besides adjusting the brightness of the burning lamps, the dimmer saves energy and extends the life of incandescent and halogen lamps. Read about it in the article about the causes of the rapid burnout of incandescent bulbs.

According to the method of control there are several types of dimmers:

How to install dimmer switch without neutral

How to install dimmer switch without neutralHow to install dimmer switch single pole

Generally this is the simplest and most common type of dimmer. It consists of a rotary knob (that’s why it was called “turning”), which changes the resistance value of the built-in potentiometer.

Unscrew the screws using expansion and mounting screws, and remove the switch from the socket. Unscrew the switch from the wires. How to connect a dimmer? The main thing is to keep the wiring is not faulty, because the one-button switch is not required. Can be connected in any order.

In the case of the dimmer is better not to risk and connect as shown in the diagram. Phase wire (red) must be connected to terminal “L-in” (phase-in). The second wire (orange) to the terminal that is designated “L-out” (phase-out).


How to install dimmer switch for led lightsHow to install a 3 way dimmer switch

In overall size it does not differ at all from regular switch and is installed in the mounting box.

Fixed the dimmer in the installation box, too, with the help of special legs. Like the switch, it connects the gap in lighting circuits. But when it is connected in reverse. Remove the switch from the box and disconnect the wires by loosening the screws on the terminals. You can then proceed to install the dimmer.




How to install dimmer switch no ground wireHow to install dimmer switch single pole

Installing dimmer switch no ground wire is very simple and similar to normal installation of the dimmer, except that there is no need to connect the ground wire. Carefully review the connection diagram specified on the reverse side of the dimmer and observe the polarity.


How to install dimmer switch without neutral

We could advice you to use Lutron Caseta. It is LED friendly and do not need a neutral wires.

Don’t get “Evolve”, buy Linear as it makes the same Evolve line and is just about $35, and Evolve is about $10 extra.

How to wire dimmer switch DIYSingle difficulty with using Lutron Caseta is isn’t well-matched with ST. If you use the Lutron Smart Bridge instead, that’s makes Caseta compatible to Logitech Harmony, Apple Watch, Nest, Honeywell, AT&T, and Lutron shades, but not companionable with Z-Wave or Zigbee. To have both you either need a WinkHub or the StaplesConnect hub.

Smartbulbs ZWave or Zigbee are to be a real ache since you can’t use a hard-wired controller without neutrals, to control it so that somebody isn’t killing your power, hence your automation simultaneously via a local switch. But there IS a way to solve that without a neutral – you’ll have to get a battery functioned controller like GE45631 or the CooperAspire RF9500 is a single button. It isn’t a low-priced option, you’ll need a microcontroller ($46) and a RF9500 ($60) for each lightswitch replacement plus the Z-Wave lightbulbs which are $36 to $65 each. Zigbee lightswitches are more expensive, but the smart lightbulbs are cheaper. Match minimum $130 per lightswitch to a Caseta Switch which are $60.

Or, you could use smart lightbulbs, get rid of the local switches altogether or repurpose them and just use a hub like the PhilipsHue smartphone.

How to install dimmer switch for led lightsHow to install dimmer switch no ground wire

Obviously, not all dimmers will work with led lamps. As noted earlier, it is advisable to use either a standard dimmer with adjustable led lights, or use special PWM dimmer in combination with conventional lamps. But there are some pitfalls. The fact is that because of the characteristics of circuits dimmers and drivers of the lamps of different manufacturers and models in conjunction to work properly. So leading light bulb manufacturers, Philips and Osram which are setting the fashion in the production of led lamps, working in close conjunction with dimmers manufacturers: ABB, Legrand, SchneiderElectric. For this special compatibility tables, which can be easily found on the Internet. These tables must be from bona fide sellers of lighting.