How to wire 3 way light switch and 2 way light switch

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How to wire 3 way light switch and 2 way light switch

Conventional switches that are installed at home, able to enable and disable the lighting from one location. Agree that chandelier, which is in the bedroom, you can turn on only the switch that is there.

But what to do if you want the need to control one lamp from different rooms at the same time. Using conventional switches of such a scheme is difficult to collect. Get help from a passing switches or as they are called switches. Such switches are used for control the lamps independently from multiple locations. The proposed scheme is not only very comfortable but allows quite a considerable energy savings.

Typical situation. In your home there is a hallway, at the entrance you turn on the light, then go into the next room, turn the lights on in it, and delete all unnecessary lighting in the hallway shut off the flow switch. Agree – very convenient. Eliminates extra visits and saves electricity.

Another example. You come into the bedroom and at the door turn on the light. Lying in bed, include a table lamp or wall lamp to read a book before bedtime, but now you need to get back, to go to the door and turn off the chandelier! And can we not do that, if you have pre-set bedside lock switch.


How to wire two way light switch 4-way-light-switch

To connect the pass switch is not much different from connecting a regular switch. The only difference is in the number of contact terminals and field wiring. The pass switch.

Please note in advance that from the junction box to this switch you need to stretch a three-core wire. The scheme uses two flow switch and junction box, which wound up the wires from the controlled lamp and three-wire input from switches. Phase wire from terminal boxes connected to the common input contact of the first pass switch. The other two (weekend) contact are connected with the wires coming from the similar contacts of the second switch. And the total (input) pin of the second switch connects to the wire coming from the lamp.

The second wire from the lamp is directly connected to the zero terminal boxes. Section three-core wire fed-through switches should be selected in accordance with the power of the controlled lamp.


How to wire a switch to a lightHow to wire a three way light switch

In certain cases, there is a need to provide not two, but more control lamps. For example, the light on the stairs of a multistory building should be switched on and off on each floor. The same situation with a long corridor into which the doors of several rooms.

To implement such a scheme, but will need in addition to simple pass-through switch and a crossover switch. In such switches is not three but four contacts – two input and two output, representing the two pairs of switched contacts. Accordingly and to connect such switches have the four-wire line.

In this scheme, the control condition used normal switches on the first and last paragraph lighting control and cross – over everyone else. The number of control points is not limited, only increases the complexity of switching in the junction box due to the large number of input wires to it. And here not to do without proper marking of the wires during their laying, otherwise you just get confused.


How to wire a single pole light switch3-way-light-switch

This is the most simple wiring diagram of the switch. I don’t think she will cause You trouble, because the switch is only 2 wires. Phase is connected in the junction box with the wire that goes to the switch. From the switch the wire goes back in the switch box, where it connects with the wire leading to the load. This is the phase switched on the lamp.

Attention!!! The switch should always break it phase rather than zero.

All this is necessary for the sake of our safety. When replacing the lamp, it will be enough to turn off the switch, and in the cartridge there won’t be tension. Change in peace. If confused, and switch to commuting zero, then when replacing the lamp, it is in any case will remain energized. And it is very dangerous.


How to wire 3 way light switchHow to wire a switch to a light

Today one of the most common types of connection wires and cables, self-clamping connection. Its main advantage is simplicity, convenience and speed of installation. And does not require special skills and tools.

Some terminals have a special contact paste, which prevents oxidation of aluminum conductors. Use these terminals to connect conductors made of different materials, for example, copper and aluminum.


P. S. All wires connections and cables should be taken seriously, because on it depends the entire wiring of Your apartment, house or object.

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