How to wire a half switched outlet

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How to wire a half switched outlet

Before proceeding to the question of how to connect the socket with the switch, you need to determine the location of that depends on:

If the repair meets an experienced designer or a ready design project, you can not even think about these details. In another case, these issues need to be taken into account by planning the placement of outlets and switches should be carried out only after installation of all walls and partitions in the room.


How to wire a half switched outletInstallation of hidden outlets

Ordering a kitchen set, many already know his future location, design and options. On this basis, should have no difficulties with determining the place to install outlets flush type.

Hidden outlets — these are products that are hidden from view. In frequent cases, they are called embedded. In such situations it is important to know the design of furniture down to the millimeter, to ensure easy access to them.

Sockets in kitchen need to connect to household appliances such as the refrigerator, lighting the stove, hood and microwave. Double hidden socket is more suitable for fridge and lighting the stove. In addition, it will need to include extraction and illumination. It should be noted that the cutouts for the installation must be done only when you know the location of the future headset. Very convenient is considered a hidden socket for microwave ovens.

How to wire a switched outlet diagramIn the hall they are, in fact, necessary for only three appliances, namely TV, music center and dvd. You can, of course, to install additional, to have a supply just in case. For your TV you can set the socket section to connect the antenna.


How to wire a half switched outlet

As a rule, any work related to repair electrical, must begin with the preparation of the necessary tools and materials, while connecting the outlets and two keys of switches in one unit with your hands is no exception.

Immediately before the work check the absence of voltage in places where you plan to install the switch socket.


How to wire a switched outlet diagram

DIY wire a half switched outlet

Please note! To the outlet is supplied electrical three-core cable with a null, the phase and protective conductors. Everywhere the switch breaks the phase wire, it doesn’t concern a child’s room.

On regulations switch in the nursery should be placed at a height of about 1.8 m. it should Also be noted that the wiring in these rooms should be separated from the common wiring, should be protected from the slightest leakage current. Of course, not always adhered to this condition. Anyway, in the nursery, the switch must break zero, but not a phase wire. Such measures ensure the safety everywhere versed child.