Layout of recessed lighting

- Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room
Layout of recessed lighting

Once appeared on the market of recessed light sources, consumers have reacted to the novelty, and started to apply it in practice. Now that the initial excitement abated a little and the photos of interiors with integrated lighting comes as no surprise, it’s time to think about this subject more carefully and choose only those effects and ideas that will make our life more comfortable.

Recessed lights are best friends of custom designs, drywall and suspended ceiling. Due to the small lamps you can enlarge the safety zone and the comforts of home, while you care so much about yourselves, the children and last but not least — about the comfort and style of homes.

How to arrange lighting with embedded lights will tell recessed lighting layout guide.

Kitchen recessed lighting layoutLiving room recessed lighting layout

Recessed lighting in the kitchen is a trend in interior design, which is aimed primarily at improving the level of comfort! The small bulb is conveniently hidden in the facades of modular sets of furniture, and when you build custom cabinets for the dishes, a wine or art collection to give five minutes question of light — even the simplest thing. In our catalogue you can find a variety of lamps that are made specifically for the kitchen, with all the parameters of the room.

Bathroom recessed lighting layoutLiving room recessed lighting layout

In a Living room device of general and local lighting is zoning, and create more comfortable conditions for rest. The personality of the interior can be emphasized by combining scattered and reflected illumination.

The most popular at the moment is a multi-level lighting. When installing luminaires it is necessary to exclude a direct hit of light on the TV screen and computer monitor. The arrangements for lighting the living room with recessed lighting depend on the overall style of the interior space. If the Living room designed in a minimalist style, modern or hi-tech, best suited for such premises spotlights. In the Baroque, Empire style, Provence or classic great importance is attached to the form and materials of lighting fixtures and method of installation.

Bedroom recessed lighting layout

When we talk about basic lighting, we mean lighting coming from the ceiling. It is difficult to imagine a bedroom without a ceiling light, because that’s where the soft flow of light spreads throughout the room.Kitchen recessed lighting layout

The most popular methods of illumination ceiling in the bedroom are a chandelier and spot lights. It is impossible to say that the chandelier is better than spotlights or Vice versa: and that is another kind of lighting is good in its own way and often combines them in the same room. With the help of elegant chandeliers for bedrooms, you can recreate the solemn and majestic interior, concise and spot lights will help in the design of interiors, executed in modern styles.

And these two types of lamps can be combined and placed together on the ceiling, for example, hang one large chandelier and a few spotlights, distributing them evenly around the perimeter of the ceiling. Then make two switches and include them separately: the chandelier – when you need bright light, and ceiling lights when you need soft light.

Bedroom recessed lighting layoutBathroom recessed lighting layout

This type of lighting in the bathroom provides a small-sized lighting devices that are hidden in the walls and ceiling. Often their locations look like some repeated pattern. This can be a imitation of the waves, properly curved, flat strip and more. Spotlights are incredibly aesthetic. They fit perfectly into any stylistic and furnishing solutions.

Indeed, many tiny lights shining from the ceiling, a neat, softly glowing balls framing a mirror or scattered around the perimeter walls – just an incredible sight. The only, but quite a significant disadvantage of the arrangement of recessed lighting is the need for capacity surfaces, which, unfortunately, is not always possible to implement.