Led lighting in a hallway

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Led lighting in a hallway

Led lighting is increasingly popular these days. Led lamps for a hallway can change light colors, which allows to install them into already done designs or to create new truly fascinating interior designs.

Hallway led lighting tips

The simplest way is to use a ceiling lighting unit or led lamp for your hallway lighting. Taking into account all the instructions on hallway lighting (try reading my article here), lighting unit has to produce bright enough but soft and scattered light. For a desired effect try using matte dome or led lights, which can focus light flow on a ceiling. hallway lighting pictures

You certainly don’t have to limit your choice pool only with standard led lamp variants. If you want something original, you can install lighting units on the perimeter of the room, both up and down, or you can use a semitransparent ceiling and install a led light strip there.

Recommendations for hallways in various shapes

It`s a common thing when hallways is long, but narrow. In this case you`ll need to visually add more space. You can do it two ways: first, place lighting units on sidewalls and focus their light on the opposite walls. And second, place led lamps on one side of your hallways and place a mirror on the other side. Mirror’s dimensions are not important because it plays a décor role – reflecting light flow from the lights. hallway lighting ideas

A very interesting decision is to design your hallway in style of a medieval castle: by placing uniform led lamps in line on your ceiling or just by placing them on walls. In the last case lamps can be in shape of torches or candelabrum – this will totally add some mystic and romantic atmosphere to your hallway. hallway lighting options

Hallways with high ceilings have to be equipped with wall mounted led lamps or led lights with an ability to adjust light flow and focusing it on walls. This will help to shade high ceiling and bring a cozy look to your hallway.

If your hallway is not that big, you certainly should not install more than one lighting unit on a ceiling. Placing it in a mirror’s zone will be the most effective decision. This will solve two problems at once: bright led light in a mirror`s zone and due to light flow reflection, you can visually add more space to your hallway.

My advice to you is don’t limit your imagination when planning any design. Check this awesome hallway design ideas at the gallery below:


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