Lighting guide: Hallway

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Lighting guide: Hallway

You have to plan hallway lighting very carefully, cause in most cases, sunlight does not get in there. In a hallway, as usual, we give our look a final touch in front of the mirror, so it is rather important that hallway lighting doesn’t distort colors.

Hallway lighting design

In case when your hallway is narrow and low, but you want it to be a designer’s masterpiece, consider these tipshallway lighting led

For decoration try using light colors: white, blue, crème, light green etc.

Do not be afraid of using any straight lines, they can visually add space or make your ceiling look higher: this can be laminate on a floor, wallpapers or even tall furniture pieces.

Place lighting units properly.

Modern technologies in hallway lighting

If you have any experience in electrical works, you can install artificial lighting in a hallway fully by yourself, from wires to lamp placement. But for placing sconces, standard lamps or other lighting units properly, it’s not enough to be an electrician only, you have to know the basics of interior design.

The light should not be very bright, but at the same time it should not create semi-darkness, which can visually tighten space. hallway lighting options

If you want your hallway to look wider, try installing several light units on sidewalls, focusing their light on the opposite walls. When there are several lighting units installed on your ceiling, consider turning them in a way, where their light will fall on the sidewalls and reflect around a hallway. Just don’t focus light directly on the flow.

In terms of convenience consider using new tech in the field of home lighting and automatic lighting. For instance, you can install motion sensors in your hallway: when you go into motion sensor detection area light will automatically turn off and after you leave it will be turned off in 30 seconds. It is very convenient when you don’t have to wander in darkness finding a switch. You can install motion sensor not only in a hallway but also in a kitchen, living room, bedroom etc.

Spotlights in a hallway

hallway lighting picturesWhen installing spotlights or just one lighting unit in a hallway consider peculiarities of this lighting design:

If a lighting unit is in a single quantity, it has to produce enough light.

Choose a lighting unit with scattered light for a comfortable illumination.

If you have a mirror in a hallway, try placing lighting unit above it, so the light will reflect in the mirror, thusly increasing a light flow, but at the same time does not concentrate in one spot.

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