Lighting of porch or terrace

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Lighting of porch or terrace

Lighting plays a huge role in decoration of any space, whether it is inside or outside of a building. Terrace lighting design in private housing should highlight all advantages of the house and create safe environment for residents at night-time. That is why it is very important to create a bright and cosy look for your outdoor terrace or porch lighting. This article provide great terrace and porch lighting ideas.

How to choose a lamp

Your house design directly influences your lamp choice. For example if there is a big vintage fireplace on terrace, archaicized lanterns might be a decent choice for you. If modern style prevails in your house, you should pay attention to high-tech lamps.

Chandelier or sconce

What is better? Chandelier or sconce? If don’t know an answer, let’s discern difference between both variants. A choice of any kind of lighting indicates not only your taste preferences, but it might also become a “calling card” of your house. For example, if there is a luxurious forged chandelier hanging above an entrance, it would be absolutely clear for guests, that they entered respectable formidable mansion. Install a small neat scone, if you want to create a home-like atmosphere.terrace lighting design

Automatic lighting outdoor terrace lighting

To illuminate the terrace or porch, lights with built-in motion sensors are frequently used. The light turns on, only when within a range of the sensor a movement is being caught. So you can save a considerable amount of money spent on electricity bills. Also if you keep a dog in a yard, a special movement restrictor won’t let the sensor to trigger . Modern technologies allow to tune it only for human presence.

You can adjust duration of lighting time after it turns on. Time span of lighting usually lasts from 10 seconds till 15 minutes. It is recommended to choose only high-quality sensors because they allow you to adjust various options, e.g. to turn on only during night time.

Additional lighting

In addition to main sources for the lighting on a porch and terrace a huge variety of illumination is being used. Options can be numerous, from small LEDs installed in a masonwork or under railing, to phosphorescent statues of the most unusual forms. terrace house lighting

So-called glowing stones are very popular lately. Special phosphorescent composition is completely harmless for humans and animals. In addition it does not harm environment. Such stones successfully cope with a bad weather. They will please everyone with a soft glow for a long time.

terrace garden lighting


Choice of fairy lights for decorating a house and a yard also should be done considering safety. They should be designed for an outdoor use, otherwise moisture could cause a short circuit or start a fire.

With the help of special phosphor paint you can turn any object into a light source.


Selecting and installing an outdoor lighting source is a fascinating work. A correctly chosen option will help you to highlight advantages of your house and hide disadvantages and to create a unique atmosphere in the whole area. Gallery below provides all article related photos:

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