Living room lighting without a chandelier

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Living room lighting without a chandelier

Living room is the most universal room in any house. Hosts arrange meetings with friends or relatives there, living room can be a cinema or picture gallery and even a fortress of solitude.

No chandelier?

It`s a common thing to zone space in modern interior, living room is no exception. Every zone should have own lighting style, but at the same time all lighting units should harmonize with each other and not stand out of overall interior. Main lighting unit should be present, and commonly it is a chandelier in the center of a ceiling. Many people can’t even imagine a living room without chandelier, comparing it with a hallway without a hanger. Although there are many options for living room lighting without a chandelier.

There are many lighting units designed in any style, from classics to tech. You have to understand that none of them should look misused in a living room, but fit the interior. The main criterion for choosing a living room lighting unit is its functionality, which depends on the units’ structural design. For example, light flow in backlighting is focused up, so when it reaches glazed surface of the ceiling, it reflects and gives a bright light to a whole room. no chandelier over dining table

A great choice for lighting without a chandelier can be puck lights, installed in the ceiling structure. Puck lights are often used with stretched or suspended ceilings. By turning on some of installed puck lights you can zone any space efficiently or create an illusion of a solid space. Puck lights are often just simple halogen bulbs. They can be static or flexible, multicolored or dull, pendant luminary is often used too. no chandelier in dining room

Sconces and standard lamps are commonly used as an additional light source. They are great for zoning space due to creation of light contrast. Sconces and standard lamps are also used for creating local light near furniture pieces, mirrors, and hearthstone or even with artworks. Sconces and standard lamps are just ideal lighting units for creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere. chandelier no hard wiring

Most popular way of installing standard lamps is near sofas or in TV zone.

An unusual way of illuminating your living room is furniture with build-in lighting units. Typically these are closets, cabinets and book stacks.



It is more than possible to find an optimal option of living room lighting without a chandelier. Gallery below proves it:

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