Mood lighting for bathroom

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Mood lighting for bathroom

In any room, you can use the backlight. With its help, there is an additional and decorative lighting. It should be noted that some of the rooms, in which there is no natural light source, need lights. It comes to the bathroom. It is here that the main source of light will not be able to capture all the angles, so the original decision will be led lighting in the bathroom. You can use various options.



To date, the developers and manufacturers produce a huge range of bulbs:

Each option has its advantages and features, so before you choose you should carefully study them all. Incandescent bulbs are quite expensive and highly heated. Energy saving used in the decorative elements. But, the most popular and popular are the led lights. They have many advantages:



Please note! The illumination is provided by small LEDs. Therefore, even if the protective bulb is broken, the lamp will work.


Led strip features and benefits

Bathroom lighting ideasWhen considering led lamps is to provide the most popular type of lighting – LED-tape. It is presented in the form of resistors and LEDs are mounted on adhesive basis. The LEDs are interconnected in a series circuit.

All tapes have a protective layer against moisture and other factors influence. As a protection acts as a tube that may be made of silicone or plastic. Thanks to such protection the led strip can be used in rooms with high humidity, for example, in the bath or in the kitchen. The list of benefits is large enough. In addition to the above advantages, it is worth highlight a few more:

Please note! Led strip can be made in one of the primary colors (blue, red and green). Also they are sold in different lengths, which is important to consider when buying. Pre-calculate the length of the decorating object.


Bathroom mood lighting ideas

Led light strip on the bathroom floor. To achieve the desired result, you need to plan and organize. If we allow even a small mistake, then the wiring should be redone. The correct position is to mount the lighting in each of the three zones:

Mood lighting for bathroom

Ceiling (top). Here is to place the main light source. Chandeliers and lamps can be of various shapes and designs.

Bathroom mood lighting

Average. In this case, light must be positioned at eye level. In most variants are installing wall sconces on both sides of the mirror.

Mood lighting bathroom

Floor (lower). Measure 40 cm from floor, at this distance it is possible to arrange the lighting. If you place a led strip on the floor, in the corners, then it will constantly get wet.

mood lighting bathroom LED

The first two options in any planning required. From the latter can be dispensed with.

Please note! For clear visualization of the future plan bathroom lighting apply the scheme on paper. You can also use a special computer program.

LED mood lighting bathroom

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