Outdoor lighting design ideas

- Outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting design ideas

Lighting the garden or the infield – an important element not only of beauty but also security. To verify this, just enough to walk over back garden or garden with a handmade lantern. Sophisticated and smart lighting system allows you to easily navigate in the garden in the dark and getting around with a high level of security. With the help of decorative lights club, garden paths. Steps and trees you can create an individual atmosphere of the infield and to prolong the contact with nature.



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Ideas for outdoor lighting

Functional lighting – ‘first of all safe movement around the site and near it in the dark. If we consider the illumination of the infield or the back patio from the standpoint of comfortable security, a sufficient level can be considered the illumination of the porch of the house, entrance to garage or Parking areas for car and garden paths.

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If we talk about the simplest and not expensive way of lighting the area adjacent to the household, it is enough to evenly space the lights along garden paths. Such coverage can provide a basis for illumination of garden, for small areas this may be sufficient.

In the design of functional coverage it is important to remember several key aspects:

Outdoor accent lighting ideas 5

For the organization of functional lighting suitable conventional incandescent lamps and energy-saving, fluorescent, having different mounting methods. Most commonly used conventional lamps-floor lamps. It’s lights, which are mounted vertically and are supplied with diffusers made of frosted glass, which significantly improve the quality of light, the lamps. Increasingly popular lamps-the lamps in the high-tech style, but there are also design projects with equipment in retro style.


Outdoor accent lighting ideas

With the onset of darkness even the most beautiful and exquisite smallholding, loses its individuality. Flower beds and flower gardens, garden sculptures, ponds and fountains become indistinguishable in the shadows. Well-organized lighting the patio or garden can transform the exquisite beauty of nature and create a unique nocturnal footage, which is quite similar to the appearance of the yard in the daytime. You decide what shape of the infield is suitable for you – mysterious or romantic, dramatic or filled with festive fun.

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Interesting decorative effects can be created, illuminating the plants (trees and shrubs). To do this, on the ground (small indentations) are mini spotlights.

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Illuminated waters

The spectacle of elaborately illuminated water is fascinating. Coloured lighting can transform your pond, and plain will give meaning and nobility. The lighting pools, small ponds, fountains and other artificial bodies of water which can radically change the appearance of your infield.

Ideas for outdoor lighting 2 Outdoor accent lighting ideas 6