Recessed lighting installation DIY

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Recessed lighting installation DIY

No need to talk a lot about the recessed lighting advantages. First of all, it is an opportunity to implement any ideas of the designer and to save some space by hiding the bulb and the lamp in any cavity, which in a modern apartment a lot. For example, hanging, suspended, plasterboard ceilings, hollow partitions.

In spotlights used the following types of lamps:

The last two types of lamps is the most preferred of the downsides they — basically only the price of the benefits


lighting installation DIYHow to install recessed lighting in existing ceiling

In order to mount the lamp in the plastic or gypsum Board ceiling, it is required to cut a dump of appropriate radius. The radius of the hole is usually written on the lamp packaging, but do not be amiss once more to measure it. The most popular sizes of spotlights holes — 75 mm and 60 mm. Respectively, for cutting you will need crowns on the diameter and 59-60 74-75 mm Permissible unevenness and imbalances, widening the hole in some places 3-5 mm.

With suspended ceilings single story where all the holes and location are introduced at the design stage. Set thermocole preventing overheating of the film of the ceiling heating lamps.


How to install LED recessed lightingRecessed lighting DIY

Any recessed ceiling lamp consists of a body representing a figure profile ring with pads for attaching two springs with ears. Dependent on the type and power of spots, the light body can be of different diameter and they may be missing, like a lamp in the picture above, or with an electric cartridge.

The special place is led ceiling spot lights, in which LEDs are mounted directly in the housing on the circuit Board. The bulb in this lamp is not replaced and in case of its failure will have to change the whole device or led replacement. Such lamps are expensive.

Recessed lighting installation DIY easyAt lamps without ammo to secure the bulb in the housing is a spring in the form of cut rings. The lamp is inserted into the body of the lamp and is fixed by snap ring, comes in a specially made groove in the housing. Such a lamp is suitable for installation both halogen bulbs and led. When replacing halogen bulbs to led or Vice versa, we need to remember to check on what voltage they are designed.

For fixing ceiling spotlights, suspended ceiling, regardless of its type, in the specified location cut ceiling hole, slightly less than the outer diameter of the flange of the luminaire.

The lugs of the spring arms are brought towards each other to such an extent, that they have been in the hole of ceiling. Lugs are suitable for the hole on the ceiling and released. Relying on an inner surface of the ceiling of the lugs, pull the lamp up to the stop flange in the lower surface of the ceiling and thus fix the lamp.

This simple design mounts ceiling lamp allows you to hide elements of its fastening and easy to remove the lamp if necessary. Enough to take the lamp base and pull it down.


How to install recessed lighting without attic accessRecessed lighting installation DIY

A good alternative if you cannot access your attic will be installing lighting around the perimeter using the LED strip.

LED-strip install recessed lighting is a more easy task. The strip is stacked to the ceiling due to the adhesive, and the electric joining is done with a special connector. The LED-tape is not designed to produce the main lighting. It is best used to generate ambient lights. So, it is suggested to hide the ribbon in designated niche or to cover the borders. At the finishing stage of the installation connect the backlight to the grid, previously all de-energized. And after successful finishing point you can enable it and enjoy the prettiness of the ceiling.

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