Recessed lighting kitchen using

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Recessed lighting kitchen using


How to arrange lighting in the kitchen

Best to place lamps in those places where it is really needed, do not delay this matter indefinitely. Once you have finalized the style, the general design and the placement of furniture in the
kitchen, immediately start to plan kitchen lighting. After finishing of walls and installation of the furniture the placement of the lamps on the walls, in wall cavities or in the kitchen set can be problematic due to the need to penetrate new channels for wiring, so it is better to foresee all possible options. Upgrade lighting in old kitchen easier just by using new ceiling lights, original table lamps and floor lamps. For a more radical upgrade it is better to consult specialists.

 1 Kitchen recessed lighting guide

Kitchen lighting on the perimeter

Lighting of the kitchen planned so that the light penetrated all corners

In the kitchen it is useful to combine general light, illuminating the entire room (ceiling lamp, chandelier), with local workers or decorative lights (sconces, built-in spot lights in the cooking area). Priority in terms of illumination are two key areas – working and dining, while others can remain in the shadows. Common light cannot be considered as a complete replacement for work light and dining space.


1 Kitchen recessed lighting guide

Recessed lighting in kitchen as a decorative element

The unusual shape of the kitchen fixtures makes them an important element of the decor

Of great importance is the radiation power and color quality of light. The kitchen may be most appropriate natural spectrum lighting which does not distort the color of products. The power of radiation depends on the atmosphere you wish to create in the kitchen. Using special devices – dimmers, it is possible to smoothly adjust the light intensity. To make the kitchen more spacious and visually “raise” the ceiling will help spotlights built into the top part of the cabinets.



Recessed lighting in kitchen5 Kitchen recessed remedy lighting guide

The traditional scheme of kitchen lighting with one lamp in the center of the ceiling is difficult to call a full. To ensure uniform illumination, it is recommended to use multiple ceiling lights. It is better to avoid use for General lighting designs fixtures with light stream directed exclusively vertically downward, which cover small space and create shade. When properly organized local and decorative lighting you can opt out of the Central chandelier. And this is true for both small and large kitchens. Ideally, each functional area should be organized in different lighting.


Recessed lighting in kitchen ideas

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