Replacing light switches

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Replacing light switches

The switch may require replacement for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it simply breaks or wears out box. To carry out all complex of works on their own, a lot of time will be required. It is known that the replacement of the old switch to the new is even for an inexperienced person no more than 20 minutes. However, before you begin, it is necessary to take precautions.


How to change electrical switch

Before you replace the switch, you must first remove the bulb and check whether the switch is to blame. It often happens that just blows the Installing a light switch DIY 0cartridge.

You should also check if there is light in other rooms.

If it has been determined that the specific faulty switch, then it should be removed. But before that, you first have to completely de-energize the apartment. Turning off the switch, you must make sure that the line voltage is not. After that, you need to tell your people that they didn’t turn on the light and turned the switch. People who are in the room needs to be aware of that is working with electricity.


How to change a light switch with 4 wires

  1. First key out of the switch. This is done usually simple: it is only necessary to pry them and remove carefully.
  2. Double buttons must be removed in turn.
  3. After the keys are removed, you should remove the external part of the box which serves as a decorative ornament for the switch. She usually dismantled as easily as the buttons themselves. It helps to pry it with a screwdriver and pull.
  4. After removing the decorative part of the workshop will see the screws which bolted the switch. With a screwdriver the screws you need to Unscrew.
  5. The switch is removed from the opening.
  6. After disassembly of the master switch will see the transaction. They should also be disconnected. It is important to remember in which order and at what places they were installed.
  7. The wires should be insulated. After all manipulations are finished, you can even pull the switch. Wire in this condition is not dangerous.

Please note! So as to isolate the wires anyway, better to use a different tape, then the wires don’t get mixed up.


How to change a light switch with 4 wires

At the rear of the switch mechanism, there are signs of the contacts, in some cases, also displays the connection diagram.


Basic symbols used contacts on the switches:

The arrows indicate the contacts of the exhaust phase. On the left two contacts of a single key, on the right another, they phase by means of switching keys is fed to one or the other direction ( in different rooms, on different light bulbs in the chandelier).

To connect series switch is always used three-core wire, each strand performs its function. For clarity, it is best to use the cable with colored cores, it will speed up the connection process and you’re guaranteed not to be confused.

Remove the 1/2″ insulation from each conductor, for contacts.

Before connecting you need to determine the phase wire, if the wire already has power, then it can be done using the indicator strain. After determining the phase turning off the electricity to the wires. Check the lack of the indicator voltage and only after that start to work.

This type of switches is the most simple and safe to connect. The stripped wire is simply inserted into a pin hole and is fixed there by yourself with the help of a spring clamp.


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