Types of lighting system: Lighting natural and artificial

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Types of lighting system: Lighting natural and artificial


Lighting is an integral and quite important part of the modern interior. Using light you can control the shape and color of objects, to visually enlarge or reduce the space. A well-chosen and placed lighting can give the room a certain mood and style. Thus it is necessary to consider not only aesthetic but also functional purpose of lighting. For a start, consider the basic types of lighting.


Various types of lighting systemsDifferent kinds of lighting

Natural lighting – natural lighting created by the sun (it can be as direct sunlight and reflected light) and the light penetrating through the apertures in the outer walling. Premises with constant stay of people should, as a rule, to have natural lighting.

Natural light is distributed into side, top, and combined (upper side), depending on the location of the light apertures in external walls or the roof.

The maximum illumination from the sun – 100000 Lux, minimum is determined at night when the moon is full and level – 0.1 Lux. It is believed that the most favorable illumination of 200 Lux.


Types of home lighting

Combined lighting

Combined lighting — is the lighting, which is insufficient according to the norms of natural light supplemented with artificial. Calculation and norms of illumination in residential and public buildings in this article.


Different kinds of lightingArtificial lighting

Artificial lighting – light created by artificial light sources. Can be General, local (local) or a combination.

For General lighting, also called “upper light,” the lamps are placed in the upper area of the room evenly (General even illumination) or with respect to equipment arrangement (General localized lighting). General lighting in the interior unites the whole space together and in their intensity should be close to natural.

Local lighting — the light created by the lamps that concentrate the light flux directly on the illuminated surfaces. Such Islands of light give the room a decorative effect and can be used for zoning.

Combo lighting — lighting in which General illumination to added local. In practice, most often uses this type.



Artificial lighting is also divided into operating, security and emergency.Types of home lighting

Work (Task) lighting — provides standardized lighting conditions (luminance, light quality) in premises and places of work. Task lighting should be provided for all rooms of buildings and open spaces, intended for the work, the passage of people and traffic.

Emergency lighting is distributed into safety lighting and evacuation.

Safety lighting — lighting to continue an emergency stop, working light.

Evacuation lighting — lighting for evacuation of premises in case of emergency outage of the normal lights.

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