Why led lamp overheat quickly?

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Why led lamp overheat quickly?

Led lights are awesome in many ways. Standard incandescent lights are only 14% efficient in producing light. Fluorescent are efficient on 50% and that is maximum. Nowadays LEDs are the most effective light source on the market with their astonishing 85%! But the most common problem is that led overheat quickly.

You should understand that there is no 100% efficient light source. And here lays the main LED problem – residual heat that destroys the light source. The maximum temperature for LEDs is 185 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want it to last long, you should protect it from led overheat and overvoltage. These two are closely related. Heat dissipation should be presented: by placing LEDs on led lights overheata heat sink, which will move all excessive heat to a ventilation or air circulation zone.

The amount of produced heat by a LED device depends on the input voltage to the lighting unit. Remember, you should always use a LED lighting unit in a volt environment range stated by a manufacturer. If stated 12.8 volt, your LED will not be able to operate in exceeded levels. By exceeding voltage you shorten the lifetime of your Led bulb greatly! 2000-5000 thousand hours instead of 100 000! Overvoltage can even kill your LED device immediately, so be cautious.

Led lights replacement

Learn more about other lighting options by reading the article below. Most popular choices for home lighting other than LED are: fluorescent and halogen lights.

Led lights replacement for fluorescent lights

led bulb overheatThe only major downside of LEDs is their cost, which can be three to five times greater than the price of fluorescent lights. In many other aspects they compete pretty equally. Fluorescent lighting (FL) is multidirectional, and LEDs are focused. LEDs are mercury free and FL are not. Not long ago LEDs had longer lifetime of average 50 000, but now there are FL with 85 000 hours. Different dim capabilities and so on. There is no better option for any case, always consider which qualities you need according to your budget. led bulb overheat

Led lights replacement for halogen

Halogen bulbs are very close related to incandescent. Technically, they are the same. The only different is that internal filament is surrounded by halogen gas, which allows the same glowing brightness but using less electricity than incandescent. Halogen bulbs are very cheap, like 2$ each. Long-term savings on replacement and electricity savings are still questionable, comparing to LED lighting.

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